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Boho Chic House

Boho Chic House
Boho Chic House
Boho Chic House

To create calm and stressless averment we used bright colors,

a lot of natural light, combine with wood for warm feeling and plants for a fresh look.

small bathroom makeover

bathroom remodeling
ocotillo bathroom B 5
IMG-7084 (1)
ocotillo bathroom B3
ocotillo bathroom B 2

very small bathroom (6.5',5') Not a lot of room for change!
changing the curtain to a glass sliding door to create the illusion of an open space, with a black sophisticated frame.

Replacing the old tile, using bright colors for a fresh clean look with a warm touch of wood.

Customized vanity with a cabinet for storage on the left side, and open shelf on the right side for a comfort when using the toilet..

contemporary living space 

contemporary house
contemporary house
contemporary house

Modern, but warm living room

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